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Highway car accident results in 1 death and 2 injuries

Areas where vehicles enter and exit roadways can be incredibly dangerous if drivers are not careful and aware of their surroundings. Major roadways, like highways and interstates, may be especially dangerous for drivers due to the large number of other vehicles or the higher speeds at which they are traveling. A car accident occurred recently in Georgia that resulted in multiple injuries and the death of one individual. 

Hydroplaning vehicle causes car accident

Georgia drivers are no strangers to pop-up storms and slippery roads, and most drivers take care to drive slowly when the roads are hazardous. However, sometimes drivers are not as careful as they should be and accidents can occur. Recently a driver hydroplaned on a slippery road and collided with a school bus. This car accident resulted in several injuries and the death of one child. 

Rainy day car accident results in a woman's death

Summer is nearly here, and Georgia residents know that with summer come numerous thunderstorms. Pop up showers and day-long storms can make roadways hazardous if drivers are not careful. Last Tuesday, on April 24, slippery roads and a driver's recklessness resulted in a car accident that caused the death of another driver. 

Search continues for driver after car accident

There are many people who attempt to flee after committing one serious crime or multiple crimes. Georgia officers are searching for a driver who made bail after a car accident that resulted in one death and two serious injuries. The suspect is also wanted for his involvement in other criminal activity, and authorities say that he should be considered dangerous. They also ask that anyone who has information about the suspect to contact police.

Georgia car accident causes 1 death, multiple injuries

Many accidents that occur can be attributed to young and inexperienced drivers. Other times, experienced drivers may choose to ignore what may seem to be small rules because they are in a hurry or maybe because they do not believe that there is any danger at that time. Georgia State Patrol recently responded to a car accident involving a similar situation. Two vehicles collided; one, a pickup truck, was driven by a 16-year-old and the other, a car, was operated by a 62-year-old. 

One dead and one injured after car accident

Wearing a seat belt can be the difference between life and death as many Georgia drivers know. Most drivers fasten their seat belt out of habit, but there are some who do not believe that they need it. Following simple laws like wearing a seat belt, stopping at a stop sign, yielding to traffic, or following the speed limit can help to limit the number or the severity of injuries caused by accidents. Some of these can even help to prevent a car accident entirely. 

2 die in Macon car accident

Winter can be an unpredictable time of year, even for those living in the south. Within the last few years, snow has become a more common occurrence in Georgia. Even though the snow usually lasts only a few days, it's effect on roadways and traffic can be extreme. It is not uncommon for drivers who are not accustomed to driving in snow and ice on a regular basis to be involved in a car accident.

Teenager dies in car accident on his way to a funeral

Nearly everyone has had to attend a funeral at some point in his or her life. They are emotionally charged events, which can be difficult for many to attend. However, many people begin grieving before the funeral is even scheduled, and the time leading up to the funeral itself can be incredibly difficult. In Georgia, one father was unfortunate enough to witness the car accident that claimed the life of one of his sons and injured the other while they were on their way to the funeral of another family member.

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