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One dead in motorcycle accident

Riding a motorcycle can be thrilling, and at this time of year, many riders in Georgia may be taking their bikes out as often as they can before the weather gets too cold. Both motorcycle riders and people driving other vehicles must be constantly aware of who and what is around them as they travel. Motorcyclists, especially, run the risk of sustaining a severe injury whenever they go out on their bikes because there is nothing between the driver and the road when a motorcycle accident occurs. The risk of serious injury or death can increase when there are other, larger vehicles involved in the accident as well.

On the evening of Friday, Nov. 17 Georgia State Patrol officers responded to an accident involving a truck and a motorcycle in Coffee County. The accident occurred when a motorcycle traveling northbound on Hwy 221 crashed into the side of a pickup truck.  The truck was coming from New Forrest Hwy, and the driver was attempting to cross Hwy 221. 

Police dispatcher arrested for drunk driving

Dispatchers play a very important roll in emergency services. They provide the link between the caller and the responding personnel, like police, EMTs or other first responders. Unfortunately, one Georgia dispatcher was fired after she was arrested for drunk driving.

The accident occurred at an intersection around 2:30 a.m. on Nov. 11. There were three cars involved in the collision. The first car was hit when the driver of the at-fault vehicle ran a red light. She then attempted to continue driving and struck a second vehicle. 

When should I see my doctor after a car accident?

It may not seem too bad compared to a serious auto collision, but a minor crash is stressful. After a fender-bender, you need to spend several days dealing with the other driver, your insurance company and repair shops. The last thing you and other Georgia residents may be thinking of after a small crash is getting checked out by a doctor.

However, the week following an accident is the exact time frame you should be paying attention to how your body feels. You might have walked away from the fender-bender without a scratch, but you could be feeling sore as early as the next day.

Officer injured in drunk driving accident

Police officers across the nation often put their lives on the line in the performance of their duties. These men and women are seen on the news participating in high-speed chases, arresting violent criminals or conducting searches for people in remote or dangerous areas. However, these acts of heroism are only a very small fraction of what most officers do on a daily basis. It can be easy to forget that officers may also be at risk while doing much less glamorous tasks. One Georgia State Patrol officer became the victim of a drunk driving accident while he was on duty.

The accident occurred on Monday, Nov. 6, on Matt Highway where the officer was directing traffic. Authorities stated that the officer was hit by a car driven by a Forsyth County Water and Sewer Department employee. After the accident, the officer underwent surgery for his broken leg, and the driver was arrested.

Motorcycle accident results in critical injuries

Motorcycles are a common sight on roadways in Georgia and across America, and they come in a wide variety of sizes and styles. Those driving larger vehicles have a responsibility to keep a close eye out for them. A motorcycle accident involving other vehicles often results in severe injuries, or worse, for the motorcyclist due to the limited means of protection available to bikers. 

On the morning of Nov. 4, an accident occurred on Hwy. 34 between a motorcycle and a pickup truck. The motorcyclist was heading east when the truck, which had been stopped at the intersection, pulled onto the highway. Because the motorcyclist did not have time to slow down or dodge the truck, he crashed into the driver's side door of the pickup.

Family awarded millions in wrongful death suit

Thankfully, most Georgia car accidents don't involve fires. When they do, it's usually because big rigs or other large vehicles were involved. In 2012, a collision between an SUV and a pickup truck resulted in a horrific blaze that killed a young boy. His family subsequently filed a wrongful death suit against Chrysler, the manufacturer of their vehicle. 

The accident occurred when a pickup truck collided with a left-turning SUV. The force of the collision caused the gas tank of the struck vehicle to rupture. The fire caused by gas that ignited resulted in the death of a 4-year-old boy in the SUV. 

Truck accident causes one death and multiple injuries

It can sometimes be unnerving for Georgia drivers to navigate the roadways with large commercial trucks. Often, drivers will move over to the next lane when they see one pulled over to the side of the road in order to prevent a truck accident. Unfortunately, drivers are not always able to move over, or they are otherwise distracted, and accidents still occur. 

Such an accident occurred on Interstate 75 when a rental moving truck crashed into a larger truck that was pulled over in the emergency lane. The driver of the truck, which was hauling combustible material, had pulled over into the right emergency lane to fix a flat tire. The rental truck was driving southbound and veered into the emergency lane, clipping the driver's side of the stopped vehicle. After colliding with the truck, the rental truck then crashed into a passenger van, which flipped and landed upside down on the road's left shoulder. Authorities do not know the exact reason why the rental truck initially veered into the emergency lane. 

Car accident causes the death of one passenger

Most Georgia families know that coping with the death of a loved one can be difficult. Too often, a car accident is the cause of a family's grief. A single, poor decision can forever change the lives of individuals as well as entire families.

One such accident occurred in Milledgeville, Georgia. A head-on collision between a sedan and a pickup truck resulted in the injury of three individuals. The two drivers were injured and taken to a local hospital for treatment. The third individual, a passenger in the sedan, suffered fatal injuries and was airlifted to a hospital in Macon where he died. 

When to call a personal injury attorney

Being involved in a car accident is a traumatic event that is even more difficult when the accident causes an injury. Whether serious or relatively minor, if you sustain an injury following an auto accident, you should not underestimate the situation.

Many people are not aware of the legal circumstances and their rights when it comes to an injury from a car accident. It can be important for you to have a consultation with a personal injury attorney following an accident. Here are a few tips to help you decide when to contact a lawyer who focuses on this area of the law.

An older motorcyclist is at risk for more serious injuries

A motorcyclist is more vulnerable to injuries sustained in a traffic accident than someone who is in an enclosed vehicle. Furthermore, the risk of injury increases for riders who are over the age of 60.

To complicate matters, the driver's insurance company may take the position that the motorcyclist is responsible for the accident, when, in fact, the fault often lies with the motorist.

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