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Motorcycle accident kills 1, injures more

Motorcyclists often talk about the freedom they feel on their bikes, but they also know the potential risks. Since motorcycles offer less protection than other motor vehicles, when accidents occur, it can mean that injuries are more likely to happen and are more severe when they do. This is illustrated in a recent motorcycle accident here in Georgia that took the life of the driver and left the bike's passenger in critical condition.

Law enforcement says that the crash happened on a recent morning and involved multiple vehicles. An SUV rear-ended a car that was turning left from a highway onto a school road. That car then spun and struck a motorcycle and its sidecar. The driver of the motorcycle was thrown from the bike. He was revived twice at the scene of the accident before being airlifted to a Macon hospital.

Teen killed in drunk driving incident

The arrests for drinking and driving in Georgia are numerous on any given day. Drunk driving continues to be a problem no matter how extensive advertising campaigns warn about the consequences. Many people who drive after drinking believe nothing will happen to them and often do not care when something does. A soldier stationed at an Army base in Georgia had his first court appearance after being arrested and charged with drunk driving.

The 22-year-old man is accused of speeding and hitting the back end of another car, pushing the car into a ditch by the side of the road. One of the passengers in the car, an 18-year-old high school student, died from the impact. The driver and a second passenger were injured and were transported to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Fatal accidents likely after use of alcohol, drugs

It seems there are a number of people who think the rules of the road do not apply to them. Distracted driving, drug use or alcohol consumption before driving or otherwise negligent behavior behind the wheel are all causes of fatal accidents on Georgia roadways. A manĀ faces multiple charges after causing one of the state's most recent fatal accidents.

The man and a friend were headed south when his 2007 Chevrolet sedan left the road. After hitting some trees, the car went spinning back onto the road and hit another vehicle going north. Rescue personnel found the man injured and his friend dead when they arrived at the scene. There was no mention of any injuries to the occupants of the second vehicle.

Man gets prison, probation after causing drunk driving accident

Ask most people who have been victims in an accident due to reckless behavior and they will say the effects can last for years to come. Excessive speeding, tailgating, texting while driving and drunk driving are all examples of reckless driving that could cause irreparable damage should they result in an accident. A Georgia man has been sentenced for causing multiple injuries to two people in a drunk driving incident.

In May 2017, the man was driving his pickup truck when he hit a sedan with a family of six inside. The mother and one of the children suffered several broken bones as well as other injuries. Testimony during his recent trial indicated the man's blood alcohol level at the time of the collision was over three times the legal limit of .08 in Georgia.

Crash as a result of reckless driving causes woman to lose arm

The pain of losing a limb is not just physical but psychological, as well. When the limb is lost as a result of an accident due to reckless driving, anger is yet another emotion the injured party has to endure. A Georgia woman is seeking justice in the loss of her left arm from the reckless driving of a police officer.

Nearly a year ago, the woman was crossing through an intersection on a green light when a police car slammed into the side of her vehicle. The loss of her arm was only one of her injuries from the collision. She claims neither the blue lights nor the siren on the front of the police vehicle were activated in an effort to warn other drivers of its approach. Police who responded to the scene contradicted the woman's claims, saying both warning signals were on. The proof needed from the dash cam of the police vehicle has not been released to the public.

Drunk driving responsible for death to pet, injury to owners

Driving after consuming alcoholic beverages is a recipe for disaster. According to some statistics, the number of accidents caused by drunk driving has risen in the past few years. Drunk driving by a Georgia man is said to be the cause of a collision causing injuries to people and death to a beloved pet.

A report states a 57-year-old man driving a minivan crossed the center line into the lane of oncoming traffic. He crashed into an SUV headed straight toward him. He and the other driver had to be cut out of their vehicles and, along with the passenger in the SUV, were transported to a nearby hospital. All three were critically injured and a dog belonging to the couple in the SUV died.

Drunk driving accident takes life of woman

Not only do drivers in Georgia have to watch out for the actions of other drivers, passengers need to be careful in placing their trust, as well. Drunk driving is unacceptable and any potential passenger should have the courage to either take the keys away from an inebriated driver or find another ride. A passenger recently lost her life in a drunk driving accident.

The only information given so far by police about the passenger has been that she was an adult. They state the driver of the car was not able to stay in her lane of traffic when she ran off the road and crashed into a nearby utility pole. The force of the collision caused injuries serious enough to kill the passenger, who was riding in the front seat.

Wrongful death lawsuit an option after semi kills couple

Too often do family and friends have to say an earthly farewell to loved one because another person was negligent while driving. The option of filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the perpetrator is available in most cases of death due to negligent or reckless behavior. The family of a Georgia couple appear to have grounds to pursue financial damages from a wrongful death lawsuit after the death of a couple.

The husband and wife, both 71 years of age, were in their Ford F-150 and were traveling through an intersection when a semitrailer ran a stop sign. The pickup hit the side of the semi, causing the semi to roll on top of the pickup truck. The couple died upon impact.

Wrongful death claim can be filed in hit-and-run case

Georgia residents who own dogs know their pets need to be walked on a daily basis. Most set out at a convenient time of day to ensure the dog gets the exercise it needs, never thinking it may end in tragedy. A family lost someone they loved in a wrongful death accident when he was walking his dog. The woman believed responsible apparently left the scene but has been identified by police.

The 66-year-old man was in his own yard when a vehicle, suspected to be a silver Infiniti and going too fast for the weather conditions at the time, hit him and his dog. Both the man and the dog were killed instantly. Later in the day and less than a mile away, police found the vehicle they believed to be the used in the hit-and-run accident.

5 reasons people declare consumer bankruptcy

The number of bankruptcies that take place in America is alarming. According to the United States Courts, nearly 13 million Americans declared consumer bankruptcy from 2005 to 2017. The fact that so many people cannot pay off their debts is alarming. 

It is important to understand the reasons why millions of people file for personal bankruptcy. Here are some key causes of consumer bankruptcy in the United States.

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