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Why it's so important for first-time riders to pick the right motorcycle

While heading to the local dealership to purchase a new car, truck or sport utility vehicle is always exciting, it often pales in comparison to the feeling that comes from shopping for a new motorcycle. That's because would-be purchasers know just how freeing and exhilarating it will ultimately be to take their new purchase out on the open road.

As thrilling as walking the showroom floor can be, those who are buying a motorcycle for the first time will want to keep some important safety points in mind as they search for the perfect model. 


Thanks to everything from internet ads to movies, many novice riders automatically assume that bigger is better when it comes to engines. However, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration instructs "buy the power you need, but only as much as you can handle safely."

Indeed, bikes with more horsepower naturally have bigger engines and, as such, are not only heavier, but also harder for novice riders to control. On the other end of the spectrum, however, smaller bikes may have engines that are ill suited for the rider's intended purpose (i.e., touring/long distance rides) and will not provide the necessary acceleration. As with everything, balance is key.


Novice riders need to be aware that motorcycles are designed for different purposes with some meant for highway use and others meant for trail use. This is significant, as each are equipped with tires, suspensions and other special features that make them incompatible -- and dangerous -- when ridden off their intended surface.


As visually appealing as a certain model might be, riders need to select a bike that actually fits, meaning 1) they can comfortably reach and operate the controls, and 2) they are able to touch the ground with both feet when straddling the bike.

In addition, if the prospective buyer plans to carry a passenger, he or she should verify that there is a passenger seat and foot pegs.

Here's hoping the following information proves helpful to first-time buyers. Indeed, the unfortunate reality is that with so many negligent motorists out on the roads and highways, it's important for motorcyclists to be able to capitalize on every possible safety-related advantage.

If you've been seriously injured or lost a loved one in a motorcycle accident, consider speaking with a skilled legal professional to learn more about your rights and your options. 

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