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Defining aggressive driving and avoiding it

With all of the hundreds of thousands of drivers in Georgia, there are bound to be ones who weave in and out of traffic, ignore the speed limit and purposefully cut other drivers off. All of these behaviors have one thing in common; they are considered aggressive driving and have many repercussions including fines and revocation of licensure depending on the driver’s age and state of residence. In serious circumstances, aggressive driving can result in accidents that injure or even kill the people involved. When a person understands aggressive driving and its consequences, careful actions can be taken to avoid driving dangerously.

The Governors Highway Safety Association explicitly defines aggressive driving in Georgia as such actions including:

  •          Disregarding traffic laws
  •          Disrupting traffic flow
  •          Tailgating
  •          Reckless driving
  •          Carelessly passing another vehicle

While some drivers may succumb to their anger and participate in aggressive driving and road rage, there are also a number of drivers who do their best to be courteous and friendly. However, even the kindest and most aware drivers can sometimes encounter situations where they may upset another driver. In these situations, it is critical to know what precautions to take in order to avoid worsening the situation or becoming part of the problem. These include:

  •          Drive to a public place if confronted
  •          Evade eye contact with an angry driver
  •          Remain calm and patient
  •          Do not be aggressive back
  •          Call 911 if you are threatened

The AAA Exchange reports that over 75 percent of drivers are guilty of aggressive driving or showing anger while driving in any year previous, and at least one time.

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