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3 children injured in Georgia highway car accident

Three children suffered serious injuries after the vehicle in which they were riding was struck by another vehicle in Jackson County, Georgia, in mid-January. The children -- two teens and an elementary-school student -- were riding with their father on the way to school when they were involved in the injurious car accident. Authorities say that the victims were taken to nearby hospitals, and one was transported via helicopter because of worsening injuries. State officers are currently investigating the collision.

Witnesses reported that the white sedan in which the children were riding was struck by a pickup truck while attempting to cross a highway during the trip to school at about 7:30 a.m. on U.S. 441. Another vehicle then struck the pickup truck, which flipped over because of that initial collision. It is not clear exactly who has been deemed at-fault for the crash.

A family member of one of the victims says that residents have requested the installation of a traffic light at the intersection where the accident occurred. However, Georgia Department of Transportation officials argue that a stoplight is not needed at that particular location. Apparently, a number of studies must be completed in order to obtain permission for a stoplight at that spot.

In situations like this, the municipality may be held responsible for failing to install adequate safety measures at the intersection. The at-fault driver could also be held legally responsible in the auto accident, providing compensation for pain and suffering and other related claims. Victims who are harmed by others' negligence deserve financial compensation to pay for their medical expenses and other costs. The results of this investigation may determine which parties are truly at fault for the children's devastating injuries.

Source: WSBTV2, "3 children injured in crash near schools," Jan. 12, 2017

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