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When you are at your most vulnerable, you need support

Whether you ride a motorcycle as your primary mode of transportation or you simply ride for leisure, you have done the appropriate course work to get your license and you are aware of the inherent dangers around you. For the motorcycle driver, things that present themselves as minor inconveniences to automobiles and trucks become life-threatening hazards.

For instance, a poorly lit street can disguise potholes or road debris from a tire blowout. This can equate to a flat tire or a dented bumper to an automobile and likely less damage to a commercial truck. However, for the motorcycle, this alters the balance of the driver and the operation of the machine and could cause the rider and the bike significant harm.

Truthfully, the biggest threat for riders is other drivers. Inattentiveness, subtle swerving and reckless driving can have devastating and fatal consequences to the unseen motorcycle rider nearby.

If you or a loved one was injured by another driver, the repercussions may be far-reaching. Beyond your injuries and your recovery, you now have to face medical bills, a loss of income, bike repairs or replacement, rehabilitation expenses and, in some cases, funeral expenses. This is the time when you need support; someone who will fight for your rights and pursue financial compensation from those whose recklessness caused you to suffer. Dozier Law is a Macon-area motorcycle accident firm that will strive to provide you with just that. Dozier Law will work to ensure your suffering is minimized and your compensation is maximized.

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