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Pursuit of justice in a time of pain

When you feel like the four walls are closing in, when you close your eyes and your memories are of a person or people who are not with you anymore, it can be hard. It's harder when you open your eyes and your reality is that your life is forever changed, and it isn't off-color to have an overwhelming desire to make anyone remotely responsible pay.

Many untimely deaths and serious injuries are the direct result of negligence on the part of another person or a company. It is only right to hold responsible those guilty of detrimental disregard. It isn't only justice. In doing so, you set a precedent that such negligence is not okay and that they, or others guilty of persistent laxity, will face serious consequences because of it.

When you have been hurt on the job or off by a person or by a company and it was the result of their negligence, you do have recourse and you can make a difference for the better. If you have lost loved ones because of a reckless disregard that created dangerous conditions, your voice is the only advocate for those who paid the ultimate price.

By finding a local attorney, familiar with Macon and Savannah, you have already touched upon someone with far-reaching knowledge of the court system. The attorneys at Dozier Law will stand by you like family and will go to work fighting for you, to better the world that caused you to suffer and to advocate for those who cannot do so due to a reckless negligence.

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