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Who can I sue in a truck accident?

There are an overwhelming number of factors involved in a truck accident. In most cases, investigators are going to need to look at what each driver involved was doing leading up to the crash. This can determine any level of distraction, recklessness, negligence or intoxication. These factors are common for almost all multivehicle accidents. However, when a truck is involved, investigators will now need to look at driver logs, whether the truck was properly maintained and whether it met all safety regulations set forth to maintain nonhazardous roadways for those commuting alongside these behemoths.

If you were hurt or if you have lost a loved one due to an accident involving an 18-wheeler or another large commercial vehicle, you are likely struggling to function on an emotional level. Grief can be absolutely debilitating. Add to that the concerns of exploring all avenues of causation and pursuing compensation for that guilt and you may find yourself over your head. Insurance companies and even investigators may not be as thorough as the situation requires and their pursuit of answers may not seem adequate, given your resulting loss.

Medical bills, rehabilitation, unexpected loss of income, lost wages, possible funeral expenses and vehicle repair and replacement can take a financial toll.

Finding a Georgia accident attorney with the capabilities to investigate your accident and the know-how to pursue compensation from all negligent parties including trucking companies, truck drivers as well as from insurance companies can be invaluable and allow you the time to grieve your loss or amend your life in such a way as to accommodate your injuries.

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