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The number of drunk driving accidents in Georgia is decreasing

Drunk driving accidents are always preventable. This fact is one reason those who lose loved ones in these types of accidents are so frustrated. Fortunately, the number of drunk driving accidents in Georgia is statistically decreasing, but, as in all states, the annual number of DUI-related accidents is still much too high.

According to statistics for 2005 through 2011 released by the Georgia Governor's Office of Highway Safety, the peak years for alcohol-related fatalities were 2006 through 2008. During those years, drunk drivers caused 27 percent of all accident-related fatalities statewide. The percentage of alcohol-related deaths began decreasing in 2009, and, by 2011, the percentage was at a six-year low at 23 percent.

While the statistics show a definite improvement, those who suffered because of drunk drivers will tell you that the state still has a long way to go toward preventing all alcohol-related deaths. For those individuals and families who lost loved ones, the decisions made by others have impacted and will continue to impact their lives forever. For many of them, this impact is not merely emotional but also financial.

Fortunately for those individuals and families, help for the financial side of losses is available in the form of personal injury attorneys. These legal professionals have experience filing wrongful death claims with Georgia civil courts in an attempt to pursue compensation for the losses of their clients' loved ones. If you have lost a family member, you, too, can seek help for your financial situation. While no amount of money can replace someone you love, it can help ease your path in the aftermath of an accident.

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