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Representing your interests after a truck accident in Georgia

At Dozier Law Firm, LLC, with offices in Macon and Savannah, we have years of experience representing injured victims of truck accidents. This experience has allowed us to build a reputation as a leading personal injury law firm in Georgia, which brings countless clients to our firm every year. If you suffered injuries in a truck accident, you, too, may benefit from the assistance of our experienced attorneys.

Truck accidents can result from a number of different causes. Common causes are driver fatigue, reckless driving, speeding, lack of maintenance and inadequate safety equipment. Regardless of the cause, we are prepared to help you pursue personal injury compensation, but, first, we have to determine which party acted negligently.

In an accident involving a tractor-trailer or other commercial vehicle, the fault can lie with either the driver or the company for which the driver works. When the cause of an accident is reckless driving or speeding, the at-fault party is fairly obvious. Similarly, when lack of maintenance or inadequate safety equipment is the cause, the company is generally the negligent party. However, driver fatigue can be blamed on either the driver or the trucking company. It is our job to ensure you pursue compensation from the party that actually acted negligently.

If you were injured in a truck accident in Georgia, you can trust the attorneys at Dozier Law Firm, LLC, to get the bottom of your case. We will examine the police report and witness statements, along with any evidence we can gather about the driver and his or her company. Armed with this information, we will work to pursue justice for you.

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