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A new year should not bring fallout from a drunk driver

As the holiday season draws to an end and we welcome 2016, we all look to the future with expectations of improvement and resolution to do better, enjoy more and get things right. But what if we aren't given the chance? Or what if someone we love isn't able to? What if you or a loved one's life is changed forever because you were on the roads on New Year's Eve and so was a driver who had celebrated a little too much and made the poor decision to get behind the wheel, heading to another party or on a beer run or perhaps home, that decision will become a costly one, for them and for the strangers in the car they involve, leaving lasting devastation on countless people's lives.

Using victim in an encompassing sense?including families who must cope with either the pain or death of one they cherish?if you are a victim of a drunk driver's poor decision to get behind the wheel, you can pursue compensation and justice.

Surviving victims in drunk driving accidents are often left with substantial medical bills, lost wages, psychological trauma and rehabilitation and recovery expenses. Victims who perish leave family members with similar bills as well as the costly expense of a funeral and burial or cremation.

If you are struggling after a drunk driving accident and don't know where to turn and what your next steps should be, a Georgia car accident attorney may be of great value and could point you in the right direction, helping you to avoid pitfalls and maximize the compensation you are entitled to.

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