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Motorcyclist dies in collision after Christmas parade

Motorcyclists can never be too careful. The same can be said for everyone else on the road, particularly concerning how we navigate and share the roadways with motorcyclists. Drivers are often encouraged and reminded to look twice for motorcycles. A failure to look carefully may have contributed to the cause of why a woman's life was cut tragically short on a Sunday afternoon in December.

A woman leaving a holiday Christmas parade in which she had driven her motorcycle was pronounced dead approximately a half-hour after her bike struck a van that allegedly pulled out of an apartment complex in front of her. The driver of the van was an elderly woman of nearly 90 years. No charges have been filed, and the elderly woman was taken to the same hospital as the deceased woman but was listed in stable condition. A passenger in the van was reportedly uninjured.

When an accident this tragic occurs it may be difficult for those left behind to know where to turn and what to do. Medical bills and funeral expenses are staggering, and loss of income can add further distress during the holidays when family should be gathering to celebrate and instead are brought together to mourn.

A Georgia motorcycle accident attorney can investigate the accident site and circumstances as well as the causation of the accident. If negligence or fault can be placed upon the other driver, the survivors may be able to receive substantial financial compensation that will not relieve the anguish but may relieve some of the pressure from extraneous stressors amounting in the days ahead.

Source: The Telegraph, "Woman driving motorcycle killed on Rocky Creek Road in Macon," Linda S. Morris, Dec. 6, 2015

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