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Injured in a truck accident? We can help

Car-truck accidents can be grisly to behold. You may have seen pictures of the aftermath of such encounters: the economy car that looks like it has been put a trash compactor; the sedan that has its side stove in; the pickup that not only got rolled over, but ended up with the big rig that hit it resting on top of it.

The circumstances under which you might find yourself involved in an accident with a truck can vary, but regardless of how it happens a definite possibility is that you will suffer significant injuries as a result. Injuries that could take a long time to heal; injuries that could prevent you from going back to work; injuries that could even lead to long-term disability.

Aside from the prospect of lost income, don’t forget the medical bills that can wipe out your savings, outstrip your insurance coverage, and leave you facing gut-wrenching prospect of personal bankruptcy.

How do you prove it was the truck driver’s fault? Could the company that owned the truck or engaged the driver as an employee or contractor share at least some of the blame? It, and its insurer, will likely dispute any such argument; how can you prevail against them as an only individual against a company and its big insurer? Worse, what if they blame you for what happened?

If you ever are in a collision with a commercial truck in Georgia, keep in mind that when you are confronted with the unpleasant questions above you don’t need to deal with them them alone. At the Dozier Law Firm, we have extensive experience in negotiating and litigating truck accident cases that involve serious injuries and considerable property damage. We understand the legal issues involved with personal injury cases. We know how to find the relevant facts, and how to use them to your best advantage.

Learn more about how we can help you in the event of a truck accident by seeing our truck accident webpage, where you can also find out how to contact us online or by phone.

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