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Use of GPS contributes to distracted driver danger to others

Much has been written about the dangers of texting and talking on a cellphone while operating a motor vehicle. The truth is that focusing attention on just those two behaviors ignores the fact that anything that takes a driver’s attention away from the road contributes to making that person a distracted driver and a danger to others.

A fatal motorcycle crash was the most recent illustration of the danger a distracted driver poses on Georgia highways. According to police, a motorist became lost and realized that he had gone off the route shown on the GPS on his cellphone. The motorist made a sudden U-turn in an effort to get back on course, but his maneuver took him into the path of oncoming traffic that included a motorcycle.

The failure to yield by the motorist caused his vehicle to hit the motorcycle. The rider died from the catastrophic injuries caused by the collision. The lost driver is facing criminal charges in connection with the motorcycle collision due to his failure to use care while operating his vehicle and his electronic device.

Police cautioned all motorists to pull off the road before using any type of electronic device in order to avoid becoming a distracted driver. Aside from the criminal law consequences of distracted driving, a person who fails to keep their vehicle under control and fails to keep a proper lookout for other motorists may also be a negligent driver.

The family of the motorcycle operator killed in this fatal motorcycle accident might be entitled to make a claim for damages against the negligent party whose conduct caused the accident. A Macon personal injury attorney would be a good source of legal advice about compensation rights existing for the family.

Source: WSB-TV, “Police say man using phone GPS caused deadly crash,” Sept. 8, 2015

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