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Confused about a wrongful death claim? We can help

It is an unfortunate truth that sometimes a personal injury which results from the act of someone else is something that your loved one never recovers from. It may take days, weeks, months or longer, but serious injuries can become fatal ones.

Losing someone in your family is hard enough to cope with; losing that person because of the act of someone else is harder still. What can make matters even worse is when the consequences of your loss start making themselves felt: medical expenses and funeral expenses can be just the beginning. What if your loved one was key to your family’s ability to earn a living? You were counting on his or her ability to sustain your household, and now that is gone, too.

We at the Dozier Law Firm know very well, based on our nearly 50 years of experience with helping our Georgia clients to recover financially from wrongful deaths, not only how hard it can be to adjust to the sudden and needless loss of someone you love but also how potentially devastating the consequences can be. We have helped our clients to gain recompense from others who were responsible for the untimely deaths of those they counted on. We can also help you to recover in ways that may not be readily apparent to you, such as the emotional pain and suffering not only of the deceased but of you as well.

No one can bring back your loved one if someone else has caused him or her to be taken from you in a fatal incident. But we may be able to make getting on with your life a little less traumatic. To learn how we can be of assistance in a wrongful death situation, we encourage you to go to our website, where you can also arrange to communicate directly with one of our attorneys.


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