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Car accidents and jaw fractures or dislocations

When Georgia residents receive facial traumas in a car accident, they may suffer from a jaw fracture or a dislocation. These painful injuries require weeks of recovery time and possible surgical intervention. Jaw fractures may also include other associated problems that can be serious.

A dislocation of the jaw involves the person's jaw being moved out of its sockets. Generally, people who suffer from a dislocated jaw will suffer severe pain. Doctors normally can use their fingers to move the jaw back into its place. Victims may then need to have their jaws taped and wired shut in order to prevent them from opening their mouths very wide. Recovery time for a dislocated jaw typically takes a period of about six weeks.

Fractured jaws are more serious and involve breaking of the bones making up the jaw itself. Those whose jaws have been fractured may require surgery to insert pins to piece the fragments back together. The recovery time for a fractured jaw normally lasts about six to eight weeks, and most people will require wiring to keep the mouth closed, limiting them to soft and liquid foods only. Complications associated with a jaw fracture can be serious, including inhaling food and blood into the lungs, heavy bleeding, jaw and face infections and blockage of the airway.

It is very important for people who have suffered a jaw injury to seek medical attention immediately. A person who has received such an injury as a result of a motor vehicle accident caused by the negligence of another driver may also want to obtain the advice of a personal injury attorney. If warranted, a personal injury action could be brought against the responsible party seeking damages that could include the costs of required medical care and treatment.

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