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Car accidents and shoulder fractures

When people in Georgia are involved in motor vehicle collisions, especially those that occur at high speed, they are in danger of suffering shoulder fractures as one of their possible injuries. Shoulder fractures can occur in accidents as a result of a significant blow to the chest, leading breaks to any of the three main bones that comprise the shoulder.

Shoulder fractures may occur to the clavicle, the scapula or the proximal humerus, which is the top portion of the humerus or upper-arm bone. The fractures can range in severity, and the resulting treatment needed will vary from surgery and metal plates to immobilization and physical therapy.

It is generally hard to break the scapula, as it is fairly well-protected by the surrounding muscles and the chest wall. High-speed collisions can provide the force necessary to cause such a fracture, usually through also causing chest injuries. Scapular fractures may require surgery to implant plates and screws in the event the break is bad. A clavicle fracture normally may heal on its own with immobilization in a sling. In the event of a compound fracture, though, surgery may also be required. If the two ends of the proximal humerus do not line up correctly following a fracture, surgery may also be required. All shoulder injuries most likely will require some physical therapy to rebuild muscle and regain movement.

No matter the type of injury sustained in a collision caused by a negligent motorist, the associated expenses with recovering may be extensive. Injured people may be able to seek recovery of their losses incurred through filing a personal injury lawsuit against the responsible driver. A personal injury attorney may help by filing the claim and advocating for his or her client.

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