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Motorcycles and vehicle -to-vehicle communication

Georgia motorcycle enthusiasts might be interested to learn about a coming technology that has the potential to greatly reduce the number of both small-vehicle as well as motorcycle crashes. The technology, which is currently undergoing the final administrative steps for its release, allows vehicles to communicate safety data with one another, alerting drivers to the presence of other vehicles or slowing traffic.

While the vehicle-to-vehicle communication technology is currently under study for release as a technology for cars and light trucks, its potential to also reduce motorcycle crashes is promising. In a safety pilot study conducted by the Department of Transportation in 2012, nearly 3,000 cars and light trucks in Ann Arbor, Michigan, were fitted with the technology. The study demonstrated that the systems worked well across manufacturers.

Many motorcycle accidents occur when a car fails to notice an oncoming motorcycle, turning left in front of it and causing a crash. Still others happen when vehicles change lanes, striking a motorcyclist the driver failed to notice. Still others happen when vehicles rear-end motorcycles ahead of them. If vehicle-to-vehicle communication is outfitted for motorcycles as well as other types of vehicles, the cyclist's position could be communicated to other drivers, potentially avoiding many serious motorcycle accidents.

Motorcyclists are largely unprotected, and a person who is involved in a collision is more likely to suffer significant and serious personal injuries than are those who are protected by a vehicle's frame. The possible availability of technology that can alert drivers to the presence of motorcycles is thus exciting. A person who is seriously injured in a motorcycle collision may want to consult with a personal injury attorney about the advisability of filing a lawsuit against the negligent driver who was responsible for the accident.

Source: Ultimate MotorCycling Magazine, "Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications for Motorcycles?", Gary Ilminen, Jan. 6, 2015

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