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The road or the people: which is at fault?

Macon drivers may know already of the various tips and tricks that safe drivers can use to avoid accidents or bad situations. Unfortunately, car wrecks can be difficult to avoid in some cases, no matter how safe a person's driving practices are.

Some roads are inherently more dangerous than others due to the conditions on or around them. As the years progress, many people are beginning to view Blue Jay Road as one of these dangerous roads. One intersection alone has seen 12 accidents happen another has had at least 5. Recently, 3 accidents have occurred over a 2 week period. In total, 25 crashes have happened on the road over the last 3 years, leading many people to try figuring out what about it is causing so many accidents.

Some potential reasons include the fact that the road is only 2 lanes and it doesn't have very wide shoulders, but it still has a large number of drivers using it every day. Since a large portion of these crashes have only involved one car, some also speculate that distraction or speed may have something to do with the high volume of accidents. Though rumble strips and traffic lights have been employed in some areas to decrease the number of accidents, people are still looking into new ways to drop the numbers even lower.

Being aware of the road and terrain that you are driving on can do a lot to prevent car accidents. However, even the most prepared driver may be caught off guard one day. If you have found yourself involved in a roadway accident and the legal aftermath therein, you may wish to contact an attorney.

Source: WSAV 3, "Series Of Crashes Near Blue Jay Road Raise Safety Concerns," Greg Gullbery, May. 13, 2014

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