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Neglectful death case potentially related to methamphetamines

Unfortunately, residents of Macon know as well as anyone else that accidents happen everywhere without warning. Sometimes, fatal accidents can occur as well, which is a tragedy that could potentially end in jail time for some depending on the situation.

Accidents involving children can be some of the most heartbreaking ones to read, especially if the fatal accident is a result of potential negligence. This may be the cause with one woman who has recently been accused and charged of child neglect and endangerment and second degree manslaughter in addition to other drug-related charges such as allowing ingestion of meth with a child and storing meth near a child.

Reportedly, the woman’s 7 week old daughter fell off of the bed after the woman got up to feed her and fell asleep. She then suffocated face-down on the floor, according to police reports. While police were investigating, it was also revealed that her 21 month old son had been ingesting meth after a hair follicle test showed up positive for direct ingestion. A stash of meth was also found underneath the boy’s crib. The woman could be facing up to 30 days in prison for these charges, and her live-in boyfriend could be facing the same.

Drug related charges can carry extremely heavy consequences with them, and the case can become even trickier if someone ends up dying either as a direct ingestion result or due to the actions of a person who has ingested the substance. An attorney may be a good resource to have for anyone who ends up dealing with fatal accidents while under the influence.

Source: Star Tribune, “Drug-addicted Sauk Rapids mom gets 30 days in jail after baby suffocates,” Paul Walsh, May. 1, 2014

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