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Security Forces airman helps woman in car wreck near RAFB

After serious auto accidents, the lives of injured victims often hang in the balance with each passing second before medical responders arrive. Recently, a Georgia Air National Guardsman relied on his training and his commitment to the core values of the Air Force to help a woman who was badly injured in a car wreck near Robins Air Force Base. The airman provided medical attention and stayed with the woman until paramedics arrived on the scene.

The Security Forces superintendent was en route to work when he saw the aftermath of a two-vehicle collision. One of the cars had broken through part of the base fence, and a woman injured in the crash was unconscious inside her vehicle.

Because the car doors were locked, the airman and a civilian who had also stopped used their fingers to pry a window away from its frame until the window shattered. According to the airman, there was blood on the unconscious woman's face; she was partly lying across the vehicle's console; and she was hardly breathing.

The airman used his first-aid training to immobilize and support the woman's neck while helping her breathe. He said he provided this care for about 10 minutes, and then medical personnel arrived. The airman then protected the woman from glass shards as an emergency crew cut away the passenger door and removed the woman from the vehicle.

Heroism is not uncommon among members of the United States armed forces, but it isn't every day that a military member responds to a civilian auto accident. Victims of injurious crashes are often grateful for the life-saving attention they receive; however, unlike the care provided by the airman in this case, medical treatment from EMTs, doctors and hospitals comes with a heavy financial cost.

If you have been injured in a car accident, then you may want to explore your legal options for covering medical expenses and other costs resulting from the crash.

Source:, "Guardsman assists unconscious women in accident," Master Sgt. Roger Parsons, March 28, 2014

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