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Georgia woman's DUI takes life of pastor

Sometimes a little wind-down may be needed for those in Macon. Whether it’s chatting with a friend, hanging out at a club or organizing a small get-together, drinking may be involved as well. Some people may also end up getting behind the wheel of their car without realizing that they are over the limit, which could result in drunk driving charges or worse.

One 47-year-old woman has unfortunately discovered how badly things can go when you get behind the wheel of a car while inebriated, even if you do not realize how inebriated you are. The woman will be facing not only a DUI charge and a charge for driving without her headlights, but also charges that include serious injury by vehicle, driving on the opposite side of the road and vehicular homicide to the first degree.

While the woman was inebriated, she got into her car and ended up hitting another car with her pickup at around 8:30 in the evening. It was said that the woman’s car went over the center line while she was driving, which is what lead her to hitting the car of a pastor and his wife, who were both returning from a celebration at their church. The celebration was for the pastor’s 23rd year with the church. The woman was taken to a hospital after the accident. It is not known when her court date will be set.

Not every person who drinks and drives ends up in a situation like this, but the possibility is still there. For those who have found themselves in similar situations or facing similar charges, you may benefit from having the expertise of an attorney at your side.

Source: Liberty Voice, “Georgia Pastor Killed by Drunk Driver,” Cherese Jackson, Apr. 10, 2014

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