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What are the chances?

Cars present a multiplicity of ways to kill an occupant. When an object that weighs more than a ton can move at speeds approaching 100 mph, the physics of the situation suggest a bad outcome should any part of the system suddenly stop.

Crashes can range from vehicles striking another car head on, to drivers losing control, running off the road and hitting trees or utility poles, or vehicles rolling over and ejecting drivers and passengers. With all of the potential types of car accidents, it is a wonder anyone arrives home safe each night.

But, as they say on the television commercials, "Wait! There's more!" Sadly, a truly bizarre set of circumstances played out in northern Florida, when a car driving on a highway lost a front tire. The tire, still moving at full speed, bounced along the shoulder, went airborne when it hit the driveway apron of a body shop, flew over a 6-foot-tall fence and struck two men working in front of the building.

It hit the first man with such force that it killed him on the spot. The tire also struck second man and he had to be airlifted to a hospital with serious injuries. It is noteworthy that the news story points out that the accident was so violent that it was first though that an air compressor had exploded.

For this case, the question of liability could be complex. Was it defective bolts that failed on the wheel or had the bolts been placed on incorrectly? Had the driver done the work himself or had a garage or other maintenance facility preformed the work? Was there a pot hole or other road debris that caused the tire to separate?

All of the potentially responsible parties will attempt to find evidence that someone else is responsible. This is why it is often necessary to have your own legal representation after a car accident, as no one will look after your interests.

Source:, "Tire breaks from car, clears fence and kills Williston man," March 3, 2014

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