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Truck and car accident leaves two dead in Georgia

In Macon, as with most American cities, we drive a lot. Many people work in Atlanta or the southern suburbs. Most people think nothing of driving there to go shopping or to catch a Braves or Falcons game. And the more miles we drive, the greater the exposure to the risk of a car accident.

Many people believe themselves to be safe drivers. They drive the speed limit, most of the time. They pay attention to road signs and changing road and weather conditions. The signal their turns and leave an appropriate following distance to the car in front of their vehicle. Many have driven years, or even decades without a car accident.

But none of that makes them immune to having a car or truck accident in the future. Because, in reality, driving always involves some amount of luck.

Luck that you are not glancing at your phone at the very same instant as a motorcycle pulls out from behind a parked truck.

Luck that a child does not run out into the street chasing a ball a half second before you strike the ball and them.

While experience can prevent many car accidents, sometimes that luck runs out. An 81-year-od man was killed as he attempted to make a left turn south of Macon in Worth County last week.

As he made the turn, a semi truck struck his vehicle on the driver's side, killing him. Another pickup truck, attempting to avoid the first two vehicles swerved, but struck both vehicles, killing the driver of the pickup.

We express our sympathies of both the deceased, and again remind everyone of the seriousness of driving, and the need to employ the utmost care with every single trip.

Source:, "Georgia State Patrol investigating fatal Worth County accident," January 17, 2104

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