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Snow in Middle Georgia'remain calm

With the chance for up to three inches of snow, motorist in Macon and Bibb County will face "significant" travel woes for the next 24 to 48 hours. As temperatures fall, precipitation could move from freezing rain, to sleet and finally snow, leaving the area roads potentially very treacherous.

Given the rarity of major snow events in Middle Georgia, most drivers have limited winter driving skills, and many teen and young adult drivers may never have driven a vehicle in these conditions. This means that in addition to driving carefully and maintaining control of your own vehicle, you need to beware of actions by other negligent or inexperienced drivers, whose driving may cause car accidents.

While many people were rushing to the store in anticipation of the storm, Macon-Bibb County Emergency Management Director commented that there was no need to panic, suggesting most people could get by for the day and a half the snow and ice may be present.

Highway crews were prepared to plow, salt and sand the roads as necessary, and emergency personnel were ready to deal with the situation as it develops. The power company had crews ready in case substantial ice caused power lines to fall. They cautioned that it is important everyone stay away from downed electric lines until crews have secured the area.

To stay safe, don't travel if you is not absolutely essential, and if you do, the most important rule is to slow down. You are less likely to skid or slide at slower speeds and it can prevent you from rear-ending another vehicle or sliding into an intersection.

Common sense can go along ways towards keeping you out of a ditch, emergency room or courthouse, dealing with the aftermath of a wintry car accident.

Source:, "Middle Georgia braces for 'nasty wintry mix'," Joe Kovac Jr., January 27, 2014

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