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The other deer season in Georgia

When you driving the roads surrounding Macon and Warner Robins, you probably have seen the occasional deer along the highway. Sometimes you may even see a group of deer, often with their young. While you may be charmed by this bucolic scene, you should take it as a warning. While deer can be cute at a petting zoo, along the road the pose a danger, and in many cases a mortal danger for car and truck accidents.

The good news is the number of deer-car accidents declined last year, according to an analysis done by a large insurance company. They calculate the odds of a driver in the United States striking a deer as 1 in 174. This represents an improvement from last year, when the odds were 1 in 167.

While Georgia was not in the top states for deer collisions, it is no reason to be complacent. The insurance company estimated that there were about 1.22 million collisions from last July to this July. They were encouraged by the decline, which was about 3.5 percent, and by the overall trend, showing a decline of about 2.5 percent over the last five years.

November has the highest number of deer related collisions and October is close behind, so now is the time to be particularly cautious when driving roads where deer may be crossing. Deer are a herd animal, so if you see one deer, it is likely there are more nearby.

Evening and dusk are when they are most active, so be careful not to overdrive your headlights. And be especially carful when riding a motorcycle, as striking a deer often results in fatal injuries for the rider.

Source: Claims Journal, "Deer-Vehicle Collisions Decline: State Farm," October 1, 2013

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