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October 2013 Archives

Keeping teen drivers safe from distraction

Driving presents a conundrum for most people in Macon. Experience is essential to developing the skills necessary to safely operate a motor vehicle on the streets and highways of Georgia, but in order to gain that experience, you must begin as an inexperienced, and typically, teen-aged driver. 

Driving may not be as easy as it appears

Driving from Macon to Atlanta on I-75, you may think that it would be fairly easy to engineer a driverless car to deal with such a route. And while I-75 is not some lightly travelled route, after all it is six lanes most of the way, the wide lanes, gentle curves and controlled access intersections limit the number of unpredictable events you may encounter.

Drowsy driving a bigger problem than many realize

Most people have had the sensation while driving the roads in Georgia, especially while on the interstates. You may not feel tired when you begin driving, but after a while, staring at the road in front of you, you sense you eyelids becoming heavy and you may even feel your chin drop, as you momentarily drift off.

The other deer season in Georgia

When you driving the roads surrounding Macon and Warner Robins, you probably have seen the occasional deer along the highway. Sometimes you may even see a group of deer, often with their young. While you may be charmed by this bucolic scene, you should take it as a warning. While deer can be cute at a petting zoo, along the road the pose a danger, and in many cases a mortal danger for car and truck accidents.