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Usher's son almost drowns in Georgia pool accident

Summer in Georgia is hot and with that heat comes the relief a swimming pool can provide. But every swimming pool in Georgia provides something else every summer, and that is the risk of young children drowning. This threat played out in the pool in Atlanta where the five-year-old son of the musician Usher nearly died on Monday.

Around 3 p.m. the boy was swimming in the pool when according to a news report by the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the boy was trapped by the pool drain. The boy's great-aunt and a housekeeper were unable to get the boy off the drain and began screaming for help. The great-aunt called 911 and was hysterical. 

Luckily, the screams for help brought a contractor who was working on the home and he was able to rescue the boy from the swimming pool and began CPR. The paramedics found the boy breathing and took him to the hospital, where he remained overnight for observation.

If the contractors had not been present, the outcome could have been much different. Pool drains pose a risk to any small children and anytime children are in a pool, there should always be responsible adult present and actively supervising the children. If a child were to die in your swimming pool, you could be liable in a wrongful death action for their drowning.

A pool is a wonderful amenity for any home but it can also be a deathtrap for young children. They should be fenced and covered when not in use and, as this incident shows, supervising adults should be able to swim and rescue the children if necessary.

Source:, "Usher’s son nearly drowns in Atlanta pool," Alexis Stevens, August 6, 2013