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Two killed in I-75 accident involving a flat tire

Because we drive them every day, the streets, roads and highways around, Macon and Warner Robins, can appear ordinary and unthreatening. Being familiar, they can lull us in to a sense of complacency, where we think, "We've driven the road a 1000 times, we know every mile…" However, like water flowing in a river, the traffic on a road like I-75 is never exactly the same.

This week, two people died on I-75 in a fatal car accident when they stopped to fix a flat tire and were struck by as many as six vehicles. The Morrow Police department was investigating the accident that occurred on I-75 at the ramp to Jonesboro Road. The two victims were from Texas and were identified as brother and sister. 

The accident happed when they stopped their vehicle in the "gore" of the road, the extra lane that develops when an on ramp angles into the main road. The danger here is that there are cars and trucks passing on both sides of the vehicle and inadequate room to safely change a tire.

Stopping on any highway is dangerous, as even traffic at 30 mph is fast enough to easily kill a person standing or walking on the side of the road. We understand it is necessary when a vehicle breaks down or has a flat tire. However, it is essential that you find the safest location to pullover, especially on an interstate, where other vehicles are travelling at 70 mph.

You should always move your vehicle to the furthest right side of a road, and if possible, off the right side of the shoulder. The police note that anytime you feel unsafe exiting your vehicle, calling 911 and waiting for an officer to respond.

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