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Multi-vehicle crash on interstate injures 10

Driving north from central Georgia, one quickly runs into the southern end of the Appalachian Mountains, and while they lack the altitude of the Rockies, they can present many a challenge to a driver, from heavy rains and fog in summer to ice and snow in winter. These roads can be risky even in dry conditions, but when the weather turns the dangerous can become deadly.

In Virginia last weekend, a torrential rainstorm caused a 41-vehicle crash that shut down a section of Interstate 81 for hours and sent 10 people to the hospital, including two who need to be airlifted from the scene. The heavy rain combined with the sun coming out at one point, caused visibility to drop to less than 20 feet, according to one witness. Police attributed the car accidents to the rain and driving too fast for the conditions.

These mass pile-ups can lead to horrific consequences, if semi-trucks crash into other damaged vehicles. Some truck drivers risked injury when their trucks overturned as they drove their rigs off the road to prevent crashing into other vehicles. Those who avoided being severely injured now have the inevitable task of attempting to figure out who caused the accident and where they can obtain compensation.

With 41 vehicles and numerous insurance companies involved, it can be easy to be confused as where to start. To protect your rights when dealing with a complex accident like this, you may need your own attorney. The insurance adjusters and claims investigators, while they appear concerned and helpful, are actually looking for evidence to deny your claim. 

Having an attorney working on your side is the only way to prevent your rights and ensure you receive the proper compensation for your damages. 

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