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August 2013 Archives

Two killed in I-75 accident involving a flat tire

Because we drive them every day, the streets, roads and highways around, Macon and Warner Robins, can appear ordinary and unthreatening. Being familiar, they can lull us in to a sense of complacency, where we think, "We've driven the road a 1000 times, we know every mile…" However, like water flowing in a river, the traffic on a road like I-75 is never exactly the same.

OK computer, take me home

When you are driving from Macon, up I-75 to Atlanta, or down I-16 to Savannah, there are things you can do to have a safer trip. If your vehicle is in good operation condition, you can make sure you have had enough sleep, don't speed, avoid any impairing alcohol or medicine and leave your cellphone turned off and out of sight. By remaining focused on the road and vehicles around you, you can greatly increase your chances of arriving safely.

Multi-vehicle crash on interstate injures 10

Driving north from central Georgia, one quickly runs into the southern end of the Appalachian Mountains, and while they lack the altitude of the Rockies, they can present many a challenge to a driver, from heavy rains and fog in summer to ice and snow in winter. These roads can be risky even in dry conditions, but when the weather turns the dangerous can become deadly.

Usher's son almost drowns in Georgia pool accident

Summer in Georgia is hot and with that heat comes the relief a swimming pool can provide. But every swimming pool in Georgia provides something else every summer, and that is the risk of young children drowning. This threat played out in the pool in Atlanta where the five-year-old son of the musician Usher nearly died on Monday.

Georgia police officer dies in traffic accident in Columbus

Drivers often overestimate their driving ability. As the tagline from the radio program says, all drivers believe they are above average. Combine this overconfidence bias with the familiarity of driving the same roads every day, and it can lead to tragic results. This is why people use a cellphone, send text messages or eat while driving. They believe they can handle it.