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Georgia police sorting out the confusion after fatal wreck

It was clear that there had been a terrible accident in Gainesville, Georgia late last week. There was no doubt that there were several vehicles that had been smashed together in a mass of twisted metal. It was obvious that there was at least one tractor trailer that had increased the severity of the crash.

It was obvious that there were three individuals who had lost their lives in the collision and another five people who were seriously injured when the vehicles collided on Highway 365 this past Thursday. Looking at the scene, there were some things that left no questions. For police in Gainesville, the cause of the crash was less than obvious. 

After the accident, police were left to sort out the details. They began an investigation into the fatal accident, but no details were immediately reported. 

This is common after an accident involving multiple vehicles. Who is at fault in causing the collision is not always immediately clear, nor is it always a single individual.

In some instances, a driver may have swerved into the lane beside them, but if the driver in the next lane over had not been sending a text message, they may have anticipated the move. What if a truck had time to stop, but the brakes in the rig were not properly maintained? 

Police are not the only ones who will investigate an accident in Georgia. A personal injury attorney will conduct an independent investigation that may look at different factors, ask different questions and most importantly study the evidence with the victim's interests in mind. 

Source: The Telegraph, "Wreck in Gainesville kills at least 3," July 12, 2013