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Every month should be Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

In Georgia, Governor Nathan Deal announced that May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. With the Memorial Day weekend approaching, summer is here and more bikes will be on the roads and highways. The Governor reminded every driver to share the road and work to avoid motorcycle crashes.

As every biker knows, the risks they face are much greater than a driver in a car protected by crumple zones and airbags. On a motorcycle, the crumple zones are otherwise known as your legs and arms. With more than 200,000 motorcycles registered in Georgia, and thousands of cyclists passing through the state on vacations and road trips, there are too many opportunities for unnecessary motorcycle accidents to happen. 

Riders need to be extra aware, as it is not just other cars and trucks that pose a risk to a motorcyclist. The story from WJBF tells of one rider who collided with a deer.

He attributes his survival of what otherwise could have been a fatal motorcycle accident to his wearing of a full-face helmet and protective clothing that prevented road rash after the accident. He still suffered five head injuries, lost an eye and broke three ribs.

Proactive driving habits are important to reduce the number of motorcycle fatalities from the 132 riders who were killed last year.

All drivers should be extra cautious when making left turns, as almost half of all riders killed, die in accidents involving their turning left in front of a vehicle that strikes them. The other drivers often state they did not see the motorcycle.

Source:, "Georgia governor pushes for motorcycle safety," Jessi Mitchell, May 13, 2013