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2 killed, 2 injured in north Georgia wreck

Two people were killed and two others were injured in a motor vehicle accident that occurred in Georgia, near the Tennessee border, on the morning of July 11. Investigators say a Ford Mustang headed west on Interstate 24 drove into the median, slid sideways and collided with a vehicle in the eastbound lanes. The impact caused the Mustang to strike two other vehicles, one of which flipped.

While speaking with local media, a trooper with the Georgia State Patrol said he suspected the crash took place at 'interstate speeds." All four vehicles involved in the wreck contained a single occupant. Investigators are still uncertain what caused the driver of the Mustang, a woman from Wisconsin, to drive across the median. She reportedly had a cellphone in her hand as her body was extricated from the Mustang.

Georgia motorcycle collision results in fatality

An Atlanta police department report confirmed that a 33-year old woman was killed in a fatal motorcycle crash which occurred in the early morning hours on the Downtown Connector. A woman driving a Hyundai Sonata allegedly bumped into the rear end of the motorcycle, causing the female passenger on the bike to fall off. The car then hit and killed the woman. The driver of the motorcycle was also injured, but reportedly fled the area after his passenger did not respond when he called her name.

The woman driving the Hyundai was charged with vehicular homicide in the first degree, DUI and another charge. A breath test registered the woman's blood-alcohol level at .209 percent, more than double the legal limit in the state. Police took her to the Fulton County Jail. The driver of the motorcycle was also taken into custody after he sought treatment at a local hospital. He faces charges of vehicular homicide, hit and run and another possibly unrelated charge.

3 killed in Georgia highway accident

A June 26 car accident in Jefferson County claimed the lives of three people, according to authorities. The fatal accident occurred on Georgia Highway 1 south of Wrens, and Georgia State Patrol troopers arrived at the scene just after 2:45 p.m., reportedly.

According to authorities, a 44-year-old man was driving a U-Haul truck on the highway when he attempted to pass other motorists and struck the front end of a silver Honda. Subsequent to that collision, the U-Haul driver sideswiped another vehicle before colliding head-on with a tan BMW.

Report highlights drowsy driving risks

Georgia drivers might be interested in a recent report on the risks of drowsy driving and the trucking industry. According to the report, truck accidents resulting from driver fatigue have been a concern to authorities for many years. The amount that a driver earns can be contingent on how many miles that driver travels, and this reality applies pressure on the drivers to be behind the wheel even if they are tired.

While some sources suggest that this problem is relatively well known between truck drivers, the issue has come to the public's attention after an accident involving comedian Tracey Morgan who was severely injured in a fatal accident that occurred outside of New York City. According to reports, the driver of the Walmart tractor-trailer that crashed into the van carrying Morgan and several other passengers had not slept in over 24 hours.

Major truck crash on Georgia interstate injures 1

On June 8, a 40-year-old man was injured in a two-vehicle accident on Interstate 75 in Bibb County. Authorities said the accident took place near the exit ramp for Sardis Church Road shortly before 3 a.m. Reportedly, alcohol might have been a factor in the crash.

A 49-year-old man was driving a 2013 Toyota Camry north in the southbound lanes of the interstate when he collided with a southbound tractor-trailer, authorities said. The semi-truck, which was hauling food, caught fire as a result. Emergency rescue personnel transported the driver of the semi-truck, the 40-year-old man, to the Medical Center of Central Georgia for treatment of his injuries, which included burns, according to authorities. Officials listed him in stable condition.

Driver injured after truck accident

A driver in Georgia was trapped in her vehicle after part of a tractor-trailer landed on top of her car and sliced the roof. According to the police, the accident occurred near the intersection of Lawrenceville Suwanee Road and Horizon Drive. Firefighters were brought to the scene of the crash to rescue the driver.

The driver was eventually transported to a hospital and is in stable condition. The tractor-trailer driver did not have any injuries. Investigators believe that the crash occurred when the trailer separated from the truck and crushed a car that was in the opposite lane. The road where the crash occurred was blocked so crews could assess the damage, and the Georgia State Patrol is still investigating.

1 dead 7 injured in Georgia crash

A 32-year-old woman with an outstanding vehicular homicide warrant in another county is believed to have caused a seven-car crash on Georgia Highway 316 in Lawrencevillle on May 25, 2014. She was treated at a local hospital, released to authorities and taken to the Gwinnett County jail, where she awaited transfer to DeKalb County authorities. The car accident occurred at about 3:20 p.m. below the Suwanwee Road Bridge. Police related that witnesses told them the woman was driving in the emergency lane.

One vehicle flipped several times as a result of impact. Two people in another car required removal from their vehicle. Injuries to four people required them to be transported to Gwinnett Medical Center where a 39-year-old female from Lawrenceville died. One remained hospitalized. Two were treated and released.

The road or the people: which is at fault?

Macon drivers may know already of the various tips and tricks that safe drivers can use to avoid accidents or bad situations. Unfortunately, car wrecks can be difficult to avoid in some cases, no matter how safe a person’s driving practices are.

Some roads are inherently more dangerous than others due to the conditions on or around them. As the years progress, many people are beginning to view Blue Jay Road as one of these dangerous roads. One intersection alone has seen 12 accidents happen another has had at least 5. Recently, 3 accidents have occurred over a 2 week period. In total, 25 crashes have happened on the road over the last 3 years, leading many people to try figuring out what about it is causing so many accidents.

Neglectful death case potentially related to methamphetamines

Unfortunately, residents of Macon know as well as anyone else that accidents happen everywhere without warning. Sometimes, fatal accidents can occur as well, which is a tragedy that could potentially end in jail time for some depending on the situation.

Accidents involving children can be some of the most heartbreaking ones to read, especially if the fatal accident is a result of potential negligence. This may be the cause with one woman who has recently been accused and charged of child neglect and endangerment and second degree manslaughter in addition to other drug-related charges such as allowing ingestion of meth with a child and storing meth near a child.

Reason behind fatal accident on Appling County road still not known

There are plenty of drivers in Macon who may prioritize safe driving no matter what the situation might be. However, car wrecks can happen to any driver at any time with little or no warning, time to prepare, or immediately detectable reason.

In a case that Georgia patrol officers are still investigating, one man has left two others dead and one injured in a car accident on the freeway, but an actual cause for the accident itself has yet to be determined. The man who was driving the vehicle that struck the victims was taken to Appling Hospital for a precautionary check-up to ensure that no damage had been sustained. However, the car that he hit lost 2 people, ages 23 and 24. In addition, one woman in the car needed to be flown to a medical center for emergency attention.

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