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Construction work zone awareness week

As spring blooms in Georgia, motorists may note an increase in the amount of highway construction. The projects are designed to improve the highways, adding lanes, improving or replacing antiquated bridges, repaving road surfaces and generally making the driving experience more safe and pleasant.

But before that happens, road construction and work zones mean lane changes, detours, slower speed limits, flagmen and delays. This can irritate many motorists, tempting them to drive too fast and tailgate, as their frustration builds. They may see the signs urging them to give construction workers a "brake," and higher fines for violations in a work zone.

Security Forces airman helps woman in car wreck near RAFB

After serious auto accidents, the lives of injured victims often hang in the balance with each passing second before medical responders arrive. Recently, a Georgia Air National Guardsman relied on his training and his commitment to the core values of the Air Force to help a woman who was badly injured in a car wreck near Robins Air Force Base. The airman provided medical attention and stayed with the woman until paramedics arrived on the scene.

The Security Forces superintendent was en route to work when he saw the aftermath of a two-vehicle collision. One of the cars had broken through part of the base fence, and a woman injured in the crash was unconscious inside her vehicle.

Death certificates miss most alcohol impaired drivers

Drunk driving remains a significant problem in the U.S. Every year, thousands of motorist die in accidents caused by intoxicated drivers. Sometimes, a single impaired driver runs off the road in Georgia, late at night, strikes a tree and dies alone.

Other car accidents may involve a drunk driver running into a van with a family, killing or seriously injuring the members of a family, who had been innocently returning home from a movie.

While much has been done in the last few decades to address this problem, from lowering the amount of alcohol that determines legal impairment to stricter enforcement and stiffer penalties, there is still a long ways to go in the fight to prevent the death and destruction caused by drunk driving accidents.

St. Patrick's Day: don't rely on luck-call a cab

No one really needs to be told drunk driving is something that should be avoided. During the last 30 years, there has been an endless stream of studies examining and explaining the dangers of drunk driving. Additionally, the penalties for drunk driving have been ratcheted up, year after year, with significant fines and severe punishment likely outcomes of any DUI arrest and conviction.

With tonight being St. Patrick's Day, announcements again have been made by the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety to warn residents that Georgia state troopers, county sheriffs and local police will all be out in force on the roads to prevent drunk driving accidents.

What are the chances?

Cars present a multiplicity of ways to kill an occupant. When an object that weighs more than a ton can move at speeds approaching 100 mph, the physics of the situation suggest a bad outcome should any part of the system suddenly stop.

Crashes can range from vehicles striking another car head on, to drivers losing control, running off the road and hitting trees or utility poles, or vehicles rolling over and ejecting drivers and passengers. With all of the potential types of car accidents, it is a wonder anyone arrives home safe each night.

The pain remains long after the accident

Every motor vehicle accident is tragic. No one gets into a car or on a motorcycle with the intention of dying. The tragedy is multifaceted. It affects families in different ways, sometimes killing a husband or father outright, other times severely injuring a mother or child, leaving them with crippling injuries, years of rehabilitation and a lifetime of pain. More than 30,000 Americans are killed every year in motor vehicle crashes, or nearly 100 every day.

Few deaths in Macon are as infamous at the one that occurred after a motorcycle accident on October 29, 1971. Duane Allman, leader and guitarist of The Allman Brothers Band had just returned from visiting New York. He was in a great mood, according to a letter sent to his young daughter, explaining the events of that day. 

Highway deaths decline last year

Highway fatalities are a big issue in Georgia, because car accidents are a big issue. The National Safety Council (NSC) estimates nationwide in 2013 there were 35,200 deaths from motor vehicle accidents. Terrifyingly, that is an improvement and a decline of three percent from the previous year.

This number may appear larger than traffic fatality numbers you may be familiar with, namely, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) death toll. The difference is the NSC's total is larger because they included deaths of those injured in car accidents that died within a year of the accident.

A tragic anniversary of a liposuction death

Most people trust their doctors. They trust that they have been educated, trained and licensed by the state of Georgia, and that their medical procedure will be handled safely with the appropriate level of care. When something goes wrong, we would like to think that the authorities would respond to complaints, investigate and, if necessary, discipline those responsible.

This week marks the one-year anniversary of the death of a woman at a Kennesaw medical clinic. She was having a liposuction procedure. During the procedure, she began to complain that she felt "tearing and burning." 

Winter storm warnings in Georgia? Not again!

With the memory of the winter storm that paralyzed Atlanta fresh in their minds, Georgia's Governor and other officials presented a plan to deal with the winter weather that is expected over the next few days in Northern Georgia, including a mix of rain, snow and ice.

The January winter storm caused horrific traffic jams throughout the metro area, triggered numerous car accidents across the South, stranded hundreds of students in their classrooms and left thousands of commuters stuck on the road as the storm passed.

Watch out for neck pain, brain injuries after a car accident

Let's imagine the concept of a "moderate car accident" -- a wreck that does a fair amount of damage to the cars involved, and probably leaves one or two people with some injuries. Those injuries could be severe, but probably aren't. However, they are still injuries that will affect the person's life.

Now, this context is a common result after a car accident. Most wrecks aren't the headline-grabbing, metal-twisting accidents that you hear about online or on TV. But even these more mundane accidents can cause serious problems for the victims. For example, there are many injuries that can be suffered in a car accident that are not immediately apparent.

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