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With the start of the football season comes the risk of heat-related illness

As hard as it may be to believe, the 2016 football season is officially here, with players at all levels -- from youth and high school to college and professional -- putting on their pads and heading back to the field. If you don't believe it, consider that the Atlanta Falcons officially opened training camp earlier this week, while the Georgia Bulldogs first game is just over a month away.

It's important to understand, however, that just as the football season is heating up, so too is the weather, as heat indices, meaning the combination of heat and humidity, in many areas of the country -- including here in Georgia -- are now routinely in the upper 90s or even the 100s.

How is the mining industry connected to the next big breakthrough in auto safety?

Thanks to the tireless efforts of scientists, engineers and software developers, many of the vehicles on the roads and highways are now equipped with safety technology that would have been unheard of a decade ago. Indeed, there's now technology to stop rear-end collisions, prevent lane departures and even assume complete control of the driving experience.

As fascinating and encouraging as this has been, there are a few areas in which real safety solutions are still lacking, including drowsy driving. Interestingly enough, however, we may be on the precipice of seeing this dangerous driving condition rectified by safety technology currently being deployed in a somewhat unlikely industry.

Study shows how dangerous road rage can be

From traffic jams and road construction to inattentive pedestrians and inconsiderate motorists, there's no question that driving can sometimes prove to be a harrowing, if not slightly maddening, experience.  

While many of us are able to manage our frustration and anger while behind the wheel, a recently released study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety suggests that a surprising large number of motorists are now failing to keep their emotions at bay.

Injured in a car accident in Georgia? You may have a personal injury lawsuit if...

Experienced Georgia personal injury attorneys know what to look for when a negligent driver causes an accident. Usually, the laws that are broken that cause accidents are common, such as speeding or illegal turns. However, Georgia police have said that many accidents happen because people break laws they don't even know exist.

Whether you live in central Georgia or were just passing through, if you were injured in a motor vehicle accident in Georgia, make sure your personal injury lawyer investigates beyond the usual laws.

CDC report: Fatal car accidents present a 'serious public health issue'

When the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which is headquartered right here in Georgia, releases a report about a "serious public health issue," most people immediately take notice. That's because our national public health institute is recognized throughout the world as the preeminent authority on epidemiological issues.

Interestingly enough, however, the "serious public health issue" identified in the aforementioned report has nothing to do with the spread or control of communicable diseases, but rather the staggering rate of fatal car accidents here in the U.S.

Pursue financial relief after your motorcycle accident

Despite the warnings, signs and education, many passenger vehicle drivers still do not pay attention to motorcyclists. Even though motorcyclists adhere to the same laws and have the same rights as other drivers, they are still one of the most overlooked travelers on the road. Unfortunately, even one moment of inattention can lead to a catastrophic accident and the loss of life. And, this threat is as great for motorcyclists as it is for pedestrians. Fortunately, there is a way for these victims of inattention and negligence to receive the financial relief they deserve after an accident.

What makes commercial trucks so dangerous?

Commercial vehicles pose a very serious threat to passenger cars traveling alongside them. Not only are they larger and heavier than passenger vehicles, they can travel just as fast as everyone else. Certainly these factors make commercial vehicles a danger, but there are several other factors that should be considered when making the decision to drive alongside them.

Highway workers: beware of drunk drivers

A good portion of our nation's infrastructure relies heavily on the long hours spent by highway workers repairing and maintaining our roadways. Here in Georgia, with our many busy highways, much of this maintenance and repair must be done during the late evening and early morning hours. While these hours are typically quiet on the highway, late night bar patrons and other partygoers may make up a good portion of the traffic. Ideally, each late-night commute is made by a completely sober and wide-awake driver. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. And, many vehicles speeding past road workers may actually be driven by a drunk driver.

Two Georgia cities among most dangerous in U.S. for drivers

It's a dubious distinction but one that anyone driving through the State of Georgia should be aware of. Two of our metropolitan areas recently made the list of America's most dangerous cities, based on national auto insurance claims statistics

Number seven on the list, Atlanta, probably won't surprise too many people. As a southeast regional hub, millions of cars drive on the interstates, highways and roads through the area every day. The other city, though, might surprise you. 

Study supports attitude against distracted teen drivers

Many times it is a teen driver's inexperience that gains the most notoriety when they are involved in a car accident. Unfortunately, it is not only inexperience that puts them at a greater risk for accidents but also their increasingly common use of cell phones while at the wheel. According to a recent report released by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, the majority of automobile accidents involving teen drivers also involve some other type of distraction.