Holding Surgeons And Hospitals Accountable

When we agree to an elective surgery or need surgery to treat a serious medical problem, we are putting our lives in the hands of medical professionals who are trained to meet the highest standards of care. Everyone involved in the procedure, from the hospital administrator, to the nurses and anesthesiologist to the surgeon is assuming responsibility for your health.

If you suffered further medical injury because of an error made in relation to a surgical procedure at an out-patient clinic or hospital in central Georgia, you have the right to pursue full and fair compensation for your injuries. Call the medical malpractice litigation attorneys of Dozier Law Firm, LLC, in Macon or Savannah. Our lawyers have an exceptional record of settlements and trial verdicts in complex cases involving surgical errors and medical negligence.

You Are Filing A Medical Malpractice Insurance Claim
We understand that many people have come to know and trust their doctors. Filing a lawsuit against them may be emotionally difficult. In most cases, the claim will be filed against the hospital's or clinic's medical malpractice insurance policy, rather than the surgeon or nurses involved in the negligence.

Our experience in surgical negligence cases includes injury and wrongful death cases such as:

  • Birth injury C-section errors
  • Anesthesiologist errors
  • Radiologist errors
  • Nursing and administration errors
  • Hospital infections
  • Surgery on the wrong site
  • Medication errors
  • Abrasions to unrelated internal organs

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